British Entrepreneurs Ask Removal of Investment Obstructions
Friday, 16 March, 2007 | 16:18 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: British entrepreneurs said they hoped that the government would solve matters on legal and capital investment obstruction in the Draft Bill on Capital Investment, now being prepared by the House of Representatives (DPR).

Director of Jardine Group Lord Powell of Bayswater said that in the past, British entrepreneurs were always troubled by the changing of investment climate. “Entrepreneurs were also facing difficulties in obtaining an assurance due to hampering regulations,” he said after meeting with Vice President Jusuf Kalla yesterday (03/15).

Jardine is a large real estate company (office buildings), hotels (Mandarin Oriental), supermarkets and vehicles. In Indonesia, Jardine cooperates with Astra and Mandarin Oriental.

Bayswater was accompanied by Leonard Rous, Pers Attaché of the British Embassy in Indonesia, delivering a special message from British Prime Minister Tony Blair to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. “I am not only coming for business interest, but also conveying the Prime Minister's message regarding capital investment. The main concern, is still focusing on legal issues,” he said.

He said he hoped that the Draft Bill on Capital Investment could boost foreign investment. “We are absolutely certain that investment in Indonesia will increase. I am ready to consolidate more investment and trading in Indonesia,” he said.

Bayswater, also the adviser of British PM Margareth Tatcher in 1995, said that the government may consider tax regulations that are applied to foreign investors as well, especially mineral resources. “Many entrepreneurs want to invest. However, there are many restrictions.”

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