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#47417 - 14 Mar 07 00:13 Garuda Investigation
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As of today (Tues. March 13), the Garuda crash investigation is moving along, but the INDONESIAN media is getting it all wrong, essentially laying out the Conspiracy Theory that 240 million clueless sheep will swallow!

What we know thus far

The two "black boxes" (flight data recorder [FDR] and cockpit --voice recorder [CVR]) have been analyzed by Aussies in Canberra for the past three days. They got most of the info needed, but could not access some of the CVR data, so they sent it to the manufacturer, HONEYWELL in Redmond, Washington for further analysis.

What the Aussies did find is that there was no windshear, no downdraft and nothing out of the ordinary in terms of weather. However, that stands in stark contrast to what the Garuda pilot's union chief (conflict of interest??) said last Friday. All the major local media ran front-page headlines -- despite knowing full well that the union chief would want to cover up guilt -- saying it was strong wind that caused the accident.

The odd little minds of ignoramuses unwilling to accept blame

Furthermore, and like the proverbial 'pot calling the kettle black', Indonesian "experts" and their willing puppets in the media are now laying the foundation of a grand conspiracy between the Aussies, America and Boeing to cover up possible aircraft defects!!! I nearly gagged on my coffee when I read this morning's screaming headline in THE POINT --

It was basically an interview with some guy by the name of Dudi Sudibyo, whom they called a "local aviation observer."

Dudi goes on to whinge and whine because "no Indonesian investigators went along to analyze" the black boxes AND that now that the CVR has been sent to BOEING, the company "may attempt to hide any problems that emerge with the plane, a Boeing 737-400."

Dudi continues: "sending the box to the U.S. was politically motivated as Australia was a close ally of the U.S. It would be safer to deliver it to France..."

And the story goes on like that passing itself off as real news.
Facts that Dudi and the local media sheep may be ignorant of:

--The CVR was sent to the manufacturer Honeywell, NOT BOEING!
--Both Honeywell and Boeing are private companies, NOT US govt.
--France is an ally of both the US and Australia.

Local officials, specifically those from the most populous island, are trying once again to shift the blame and what better targets, the USA, Australia and a big Capitalist MNC (Boeing)!

They are trying again to twist the public's mind (or refocus it) so they won't have to work on fixing any of their gross problems OR be accountable for this culture of lying, cheating, shoddy maintenance or faulty pilot training methods...

Honeywell websites:
Boeing website:
Aussie transport investigation ATSB
RI's transport safety board (last updated in 2003):
NTSB's reference to Garuda investigation:
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#47429 - 14 Mar 07 00:57 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: riccardo]
Just Offline

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Goodness gracious! Was that stupidity or pure arrogance? Should focus on getting the result and knowing what exactly caused it, that's what I thought!
Doesn't matter if they have to send it to Timbuktu as long as they can find out what happen!!!

#47449 - 14 Mar 07 04:00 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: Just]
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These guys from SBY's team are "saying" all the right things, but will there be any real action???? The other thing they say is essentially this: More disasters will happen unless we get more money. And THAT is another troubling sign, as you never quite know if they are honestly criticizing something to actually cause positive improvements ...OR they are saying it simply to get more taxpayer money thrown at them.....


The National Team for the Evaluation of Transportation Safety and Security said the government, airline industry and airport operators were all culpable for violating safety regulations, resulting in a string of air disasters.

"Facts that we collected in the field confirm what the public has long believed, that safety in the air transportation industry is at its lowest point," team spokesman Oetarjo Diran said at a press conference Monday.


Over the past two months, the team has collected data from the Transportation Ministry, state-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura and airlines, and interviewed 42 individuals.

In its survey, the team discovered regulation oversights in almost every quarter of the industry.

"We have weak regulations, outdated technology and poorly trained human resources," Oetarjo said.

The team also said unethical conduct bordering on the criminal was common at airlines.

"Some of these infractions could be considered crimes, but we had trouble collecting the evidence to corroborate our accusations," Oetarjo said.....


In response to the report, Transportation Minister Hatta Radjasa
said the government would initiate projects such as the extension of runways at some of the country's international airports (meaning more money allocated to him $$$$).

Hatta added that one of the first runways to be extended would be the one at Adi Sucipto International Airport in Yogyakarta (more money for the minister $$$).

The government, through PT Angkasa Pura, is also expected to procure new radars for a number of airports (more money for corrupt govt SOE $$$).

"You know, our radar at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport frequently breaks down. It was first installed in 1985 and we need to refurbish it," Hatta told reporters (as dollar $ign$ could be seen in his eyes).

Full story here in JP (but of course it will be gone tomorrow so you'll have to search the archive for it):

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#47460 - 14 Mar 07 06:22 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: riccardo]
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Investors must be looking in from the outside and thinking that if something as simple as air safety and transport infrastructure cannot be guaranteed, then they are better off keeping their money in another country. How much impact will this have on economic growth in the short to medium term?

#47477 - 14 Mar 07 21:21 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: JHVH1]
KuKuKaChu Moderator Offline
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large investors have long disappeared from the scene in indonesia. they won't be back for a long while. small to medium investors are much more likely to take on a level of risk. negative news about indonesia is just so prevalent that many have become immune to it; it's just part of the landscape. on the other hand, companies that base their investment decisions on ratings issued by credit and investment agencies will not even see indonesia on their map.

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#47493 - 14 Mar 07 22:53 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: KuKuKaChu]
riccardo Offline

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Newspaper update with transcripts from the Control Tower:

Airport transcripts contradict pilot's wind gust claim

March 14, 2007

Air traffic control transcripts contradict claims by the two pilots involved in last week's crash that a sudden downdraft was to blame.

Airport documents show weather conditions were calm just moments before the Boeing 737 attempted to land. The pilots did not report any mechanical malfunctioning or weather complaints.

Transcripts of communications between the control tower and Garuda flight 200, obtained by the ABC, show the control tower confirmed to the pilots at 6:55am local time that the surface wind was calm, before authorising the plane to continue its approach.

One minute later, the tower again told flight 200 the wind conditions were calm, and asked the pilots to check the aircraft's landing gear was down and locked before declaring the plane clear to land.

The pilots of the Garuda jet then acknowledged they were clear to land, in what was the final contact between the aircraft and the control tower before the crash.

Pilots Muhammad Marwoto Komar and Gagam Rachman were yesterday questioned by police, but journalists were not informed of what transpired.
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#48229 - 24 Mar 07 17:55 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: riccardo]
KuKuKaChu Moderator Offline
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this just issued by australian embassy in jakarta:

Indonesia: airline operational performance standards

Australians are advised to take the following information into account and
check with their travel agents when making travel plans in Indonesia.

On 22 March 2007 the Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation
issued a media release outlining the results of an operational performance
assessment on Indonesian commercial airlines.

The assessment examined the performance of the airlines against 20
criteria, adapted from those applied by the International Civil Aviation
Organisation (ICAO), allocating points for compliance with standards. Based
on the total number of points the airlines were placed in one of three
categories that were defined as follows:

Category 1 - Airline has met requirements of the civil aviation safety
Category 2 - Airline has met minimal requirements of civil aviation safety
regulations but some requirement have not been implemented
Category 3 - Airline has met minimal requirements of civil aviation safety
regulations but some requirement have not been implemented which may reduce
safety levels.

None of the airlines were assessed as Category 1.

Airlines assessed as Category 3 are to be subject to administrative
sanctions and are to be given three months notice to improve standards.
Further warnings may follow every three months for airlines that fail to
improve standards. Revocation of operating licence may follow after the
third warning.

Passenger airlines (operating scheduled services) placed in Category 3
include: Batavia Air, Adam Air, Kartika Airlines, Trans Wisata Air, Jatayu
Airlines and Dirgantara Air Service.

The results of the operational performance are listed below for each

Garuda Indonesia 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Merpati Nusantara Airlines 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Lion Mentari Airlines 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Sriwijaya Air 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Wing Abadi Airlines 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Indonesia AirAsia 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Mandala Airlines 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Pelita Air Service 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Riau Airlines 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Trigana Air Service 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Travel Express Aviation Service 2 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Republic Express Airlines 2 Cargo
Expres Transportasi Antarbenua 2 Charter
Metro Batavia 3 Scheduled Passenger Airline
AdamSky Connection Airlines 3 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Kartika Airlines 3 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Trans Wisata Air 3 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Jatayu Gelang Sejahtera 3 Scheduled Passenger Airline
PT. Dirgantara Air Service 3 Scheduled Passenger Airline
Tri MG Intra Asia Airlines 3 Cargo
Manunggal Air Service 3 Cargo

An additional 28 small and charter airlines were audited. Of the 28
airlines, eight were rated in category 3 and 20 were rated category 2.

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#48255 - 25 Mar 07 20:12 Re: Garuda Investigation [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Cut from a story in The Point, though they seem to have missed the significance of what they are writing about. This extract was the bottom of the story.

Regarding the rating by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, Indonesian Air Transport (IATA) questioned the rating result of category II, meaning the company only fulfilled minimum requirements for civil aviation service.

“We think, we’ve never been audited, in our management or in the planes itself. I don’t think the auditor has ever set foot in our office, or checked our planes,” said IATA director of production Tony D. Hadi.

“We’re also questioning their rating, their measurement, and their categorization method,” he added.

Hadi said that the company has made a rebuttal letter against the rating result, and will be sent as soon as possible to the ministry.

He added that if an airline was being audited, at least several aspects need to be included in the audit, such as the plane’s engine condition, the management and the company’s performance.

“We’re very shocked and surprised, how come IATA is included in category II, where does it come from? I really can’t say,” Hadi said.

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