AGO to Submit Banning of History Book to Publisher Soon
Monday, 12 March, 2007 | 15:57 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The Attorney General's Office (AGO) will submit the banning of history book containing the 2004 curriculum, which was related to the incident of the September 30, 1965, Movement, to the publisher.

According to Deputy Attorney General for Intelligence Muchtar Arifin, since the verdict of the AGO on the banning of the history book was announced in the state journal, the general public is considered to have taken notice of the banning.

“The sanction over the supply and circulation of Junior and Senior High School students' books containing the 2004 curriculum was validated last Friday,” he said on Monday (03/12).

The mechanism of the book removal, Muchtar explained, will be implemented by officials under the Attorney General.

“There are senior attorneys and district attorneys that will carry this out,” said Muchtar, adding that the large cost of removal, he added, will be coordinated later.

The history book has been removed since it did not mention the PKI (the Indonesian Communist Party) in naming the September 30 Movement and the Uprising of the PKI at Madiun in 1948.

This was considered as obscuring history, as if the PKI was not involved in the bloody incident.

“The truth of history cannot be hidden,” said Muchtar.

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