Government to Start Intensifying Tax
Monday, 05 March, 2007 | 13:29 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Job-based tax extensification is to start tomorrow (6/3).

For the initial phase, the Directorate General of Taxes will give tax-payer identification number (NPWP) to workers of PT Sampoerna and PT Petrokimia in Surabaya.

It is estimated that the amount of PT Sampoerna's workers reach 26,000.

In addition, the extension of the tax base throughout Indonesia, according to Hasan Rachmady, the Director of Intensification and Assessment, will be started this coming April.

In addition to have workers as its basis, property-based tax extensification has been applied in Jakarta during the early part of this month.

Hasan said that tax extensification in Jakarta will be the reference for all of Indonesia.

Directorate General of Taxes will cooperate with the government treasurer in issuing NPWPs.

Earlier, according to Hasan, NPWPs were based on domicile ID cards and now it is still based on location.

So, said Hasan, should a tax payer own a business, he/she will have two NPWPs with the same number.

The tax basis extensification is expected to obtain between 13 and 15 million tax payers by 2008.

Based on the records of the Directorate General of Taxes, 3.5 million people are now registered.

Through this tax extensification, it is hoped that an increase of 7 million tax payers will be achieved this year.

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