January’s Exports Down by 12 Percent
Friday, 02 March, 2007 | 15:01 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Export performance during January 2007 decreased 12.04 percent compared to December, 2006. The export decline was caused by the fall of oil and gas exports.

Indonesia’s exports in January was US$8.35 billion, declined from December 2006’s of US$9.49 billion. The export decrease is especially because of the plummeting of oil and gas exports, which was only US$1.48 billion in January that decreased 20.63 percent to US$1.87 billion. Non-oil and gas exports also decreased, which was US$6.87 billion, down 9.92 percent from December 2006’s US$7.62 billion.

Deputy for Economic Statistics at the Central Statistics Bureau (BPS) said that the decrease of January exports is more because a number of export projects that have not yet been realized. “It’s the beginning of year, so usually there are still export agreements that haven’t been recognized,” said Pietoko yesterday (1/3). However, he refused to name the details causing the decrease of Indonesia’s exports .

The export increase in January for rubber and rubber products, amounted to US$69.5 million. Rubber and non-rubber products contributed 6.22 percent of the non-oil and gas exports total. Export decreases in fat and animal/vegetable oil totaled US$378 million. Fat and animal/vegetable oil’s role in the total amount of exports is 4.7 percent. The biggest non-oil and gas export destinations are Japan (US$1.1 billion), United States (US$884.7 million) and Singapore (US$679.6 million).

As for imports throughout January, they increased compared to imports in December 2006. The amount of imports in January experienced a 6.25 percent increase from the end of 2006 to US$5.2 billion from US$4.93 billion.

Pietojo said that the highest import value is non-oil and gas imports, US$0.28 billion which rose 8.01 percent from US$3.88 billion in December 2006, US$3.59 billion. Oil and gas imports only rose slightly to US$1.36 billion or by 1.54 percent from the end of year’s US$1.34 billion.

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