BKPM to be separated from trade ministry

JAKARTA (Antara): The government and the House ofRepresentatives' working committee (Panja) on drafting capital investment law have agreed to separate the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) from the Trade Ministry and to make itfully responsible to the president.

"That is indeed the agreement reached in the meeting between the Panja and the government several days ago," Panja member Zukiflimansyah said on Wednesday.

In the latest meeting of the Panja, all factions have also agreed to upgrade the position of BKPM chief to the level equivalent to that of a minister, he said.

"This will be discussed in the meeting between the Panja and the trade minister," he said.

According to him, the promotion of the BKPM's status was intended to ensure the maximum coordination of government agencies in dealing with investment affairs.

"Whether or not the BKPM chief will be made a minister it will be up to the president to decide. We will not interfere in it," he said.

He expressed hope that the idea would be made into a decision by Panja, later by Pansus (special committee) and finally by the plenary of the House of Representatives.

"Hopefully, it could be realized immediately before a recess," he said. (***)
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