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Motorcycle Sales Stay High

Domestic sales of motorcycles rose to 342,773 bikes last month from 266,618 a year earlier, a report by the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) showed, although last month's total was below the 442,961 sold in December.

The AISI report showed that the country's largest dealer in motorcycles, Astra International, increased its share of the market to 45% last month from 44% a year earlier. Astra sold 153,806 Honda bikes last month, more than the 116,873 it sold a year earlier, but fewer than the 255,136 it sold in December.

Domestic car sales reached 26,788 vehicles last month, up from 26,622 a year before, a report by the Association of Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) showed.

Last month's total was below the 31,177 vehicles sold in December, XFN-Asia reported on Monday (19/2/07).
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