The sports minister is a genius. Not.

No more Kili Killis!!

JAKARTA, The Point
The suicide of former national super bantamweight boxing champion Rachman Kili-Kili has sparked debate about the government’s lack of concern about the welfare of athletes after they retire.

Rachman was found dead, hanging in his uncle’s house in Talang Betutu, Palembang, South Sumatra on Thursday.

It is believed that the 32-year old was depressed after being jobless for some time.

However, State Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Adhyaksa Dault said he did not agree with the theory.

“We still have to investigate the causes that caused Rachman to kill himself. It’s not necessarily that he was depressed as there were some reports saying he was an introvert and having family problems,” Adhyaksa was quoted as saying by Antara on Friday.

Contrary to the minister's statement, symptoms of depression include sadness, general apathy, a loss of self-esteem, feelings of guilt and suicidal tendencies.

Regardless of the cause of the suicide, Adhyaksa did not deny the government had not been overly concerned with the fate of athletes after their sporting lives had ceased.

Adhyaksa, on behalf of the government, pledged to pay more attention to the future of former national athletes, especially those who had enhanced the country’s reputation through their excellent sporting performance on the international stage.

He also promised to give Rachman’s family some financial compensation though he didn’t specify the amount.

[How much have they paid to Munir's widow?]

Indonesian Athletes Association Chairman Icuk Sugiarto, a former world-class badminton player, urged all participants at the National Sports Meeting (Musornas) in Jakarta to discuss Rachman’s case yesterday.

“There should be no more Rachman Kili-Kilis in the future. All of the board members of the National Sports Council (KONI) should take real action to make athletes prosper, not just provide lip service,” Icuk said.

[I think she meant there should be Rachman suicidies-suicidies.]

Sports expert Tommy Apriantono, on the other hand, underlined the importance of the athletes’ education.

“KONI and the government should find a system to synergize athletes’ education with training programs. An athlete needs more than just bonuses after a successful performance.”
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