Flood-loss estimate almost doubled to Rp 8 trillion

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The losses caused by the massive flooding in Greater Jakarta last week may reach up to Rp 8 trillion (US$879 million), almost double the earlier estimate of about Rp 4.3 trillion, a senior official at the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) says.

Speaking Monday in Jakarta, Lucky Eko Wuryanto, the Bappenas director for urban and rural spatial planning, said that the latest estimate was based on figures provided by industry and institutions affected by the flooding.

"Bappenas will have the final figure for flood losses on Feb. 16, which will then be used to decide how much the government will spend on reconstruction and rehabilitation work," said Lucky.

The final figure would include damage to public and privately owned infrastructure, and losses suffered by small and medium enterprises, and the industrial sector.

State Minister for National Development Planning Paskah Suzetta said last week that the losses caused by the one-week-long floods, which affected more than 60 percent of Jakarta and its surrounding areas, were estimated at Rp 4.1 trillion.

The public infrastructure damaged by the flooding included 57,470 meters of public roads in Jakarta. The worst damage to the roads occurred in West Jakarta, affecting a total road length of 22,650 meters, according to the Detik news portal.

Many industrial firms located in Jakarta and its environs, including Astra Toyota Motor and hundreds of textile and garment producers, were forced to halt production due to the floods.

Besides spending on rehabilitation and reconstruction, the government recently decided to contribute Rp 2.7 trillion to accelerate the construction of new flood defenses in Jakarta.

The decision, announced Saturday by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, will see the allocation of Rp 500 billion for land procurement for the construction of the East Flood Canal, and remedial works on the West Flood Canal. In addition, about Rp 250 billion will be spent on remedial and dredging works on rivers and the digging of 150 retention ponds.

Other projects will include the installation of a giant water pump in Pluit, North Jakarta, drainage works and the installation of pumps along the Ciliwung River to divert floodwaters to the sea. (07)
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