Aceh needs investments to develop economy: councilor

Banda Aceh (Antara News) - Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province is now in need of investments to develop its economy and to create prosperity for the local people, Chairman of the Aceh provincial legislative council (DPRD) Sayed Fuad Zakaria said here Tuesday.

Thus, Sayed said he supported the presence of investors who were ready to sink their capital in the long term to develop public economic infrastructures in the Indonesia`s westernmost province.

"We should not be alergic to investments as the important thing is that it is aimed at developing Aceh`s economy," Sayed said.

Some quarters considered that the election of Irwandi and Nazar as Aceh`s governor and vice governor for the 2007-2012 period would create a global-scale interest to exploit the province`s natural resources without considering the local people`s fate.

Such a situation obliged the local government to side with capital owners or the people`s interest with the aim at developing the province`s economy, he said.

Sayed said the Acehnese hoped that Aceh`s new Governor Irwandi Yusuf and Vice Governor Muhammad Nazar could make fundamental and significant changes soon in the econmic sector for the people`s interest.

Thus, he suggested that the new Acehnese administration reconstruct and rehabilitate various infrastructures soon like roads, markets, telecommunication and electricity among other things in support of the economic development in the province.

"Judging from the big public supports at local, national and international levels to the Irwandi-Nazar leadership, the acceleration of development in Aceh would easily be materialized," he said. (*)
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