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#43751 - 07 Feb 07 14:32 i
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Right, House of Representatives Speaker Laksono's lawyers have bought of about half the families of victims of the Adam Air crash fiasco and are suing Boeing for the crash that killed 102 people.

Despite the black box sitting at the bottom of an ocean trench, the lawyer acting for the victims says the accident was technical in nature.

"Based on our experience, we assume that the accident that befell the Boeing 737-400 aircraft of Adam Air was not due to human error or bad weather," Haroen Calehr of law firm Calehr & Associates said here on Tuesday.

Now I don't know if these guys have acted for Laksono, who is allegedly illegally involved in running the airline (though his son sits at the helm), but it has to be highly likely.

This, they are probably thinking in their stupidity, will deflect attention from Adam Air.

However, it could backfire if Boeing then turn around and fund the mission to recover the black box as part of their defense. As it stands any hearing will likely prove embarrassing for Adam Air anyway, with all their dirty laundry to be aired during any public trial.

They are fools indeed.

Surabaya, E Java (Antara News) - Families of people who were on board the Adam Air Boeing passenger plane that crashed into the sea off South Sulawesi last January 1 leaving no survivors plan to sue the plane`s maker based in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, their lawyer said.

Calehr made the announcement at a press conference in the company of a member of the family of one of the victims, Christian, and secretary general of the Association of Families of Adam Air Accident Victims, Antonyus Idris.

He said the association assumed that the accident occurred because of a mechanical malfunction in the plane. "Based on our experience in dealing with aircraft accidents, we assume that the engine of the Adam Air jetliner was not good," he said.

Therefore, he said, the families of the victims would not sue Adam Air as it was not the airline company that was reponsible for the accident but Boeing that had made the plane. "We will soon send a letter about it to Boeing," he said.

If the letter gets no satisfactory response, the association will sue Boeing as the producer of Boeing aircraft and its components, he said.

"Through the lawsuit to be filed in the US we want to find out the truth about the cause of the Adam Air accident, and our findings are expected to have a good impact on flight safety in Indonesia in the future," he said.

He said the truth about the cause of the Adam Air accident could be established as the law in the US enabled the plaintiff to interrogate the accused by producing documents related to the trial process.

"We will use US laws on dereliction and worthinesss. The law on worthiness deals with the producer`s accountability of a product and its warranty," he said.

Meanwhile, Christian also said the lawsuit to be filed by about 50 percent of the 96 families of the Adam Air accident victims was not aimed at Adam Air but Boeing.

The Adam Air plane carrying 96 passengers and six crew members went missing during a flight from Surabaya in East Java to Manado in North Sulawesi on January 1, 2007.

Massive search and rescue efforts failed to result in the finding of any survivor or body. Only fragments of the ill-fated aircraft were picked up from the sea.

A search on the sea bed with the help of a US oceanographic survey ship led to the location of the plane`s black box but the device has so far not been recovered due to the absence of the needed equipment.(*)
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#43761 - 07 Feb 07 15:10 Re: i [Re: Piss Salon]
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I'd like to see them try - isn't it strange how Indonesians refuse to honour any guarantee the minute they have you money , yet these charlie farleys think that they will get a pay out from boeing on a 20 year old airframe ?

I don't suppose the fact that the pilot filled the thing up with teh sosro instead of Jet A1 is important .
Well , since it is their (Adam Air's) duty to mitigate any future loss - they had better stop flying the rest of their 737's lest they too drop out of the sky due to ghosts and ghoules.
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#43824 - 08 Feb 07 00:16 Re: i [Re: Capt. Mainwaring]
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It's all utter madness. Adam Air should be IMMEDIATELY closed down pending a full investigation (not to be conducted by Indos naturally)
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#43830 - 08 Feb 07 00:55 Re: i [Re: Roy's Hair]
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And the sound you now hear is all the airline manufacturers in the world scratching Indonesia off their list of countries they can deal with or invest in..... and the downward spiral continues.
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