Quoting: Capt. Mainwaring
kesadaran - lit . "consciouness" - An Indonesian guy will sweep the floor , then brush the tables on to the floor , then sweep the floor again , then empty the asbak onto the table , then brush the table down , - get the idea ?

These guys touch a circular saw blade , watch a finger fly off , then do it again to see if the result is predictable .
Some older Indonesian people may well tell you that things were if not better , at least better disciplined under dutch governance. They were well aware that a big stick was necessary .

Tell me - how many times do you see the average Indo guy acting in accordance with established standards of discipline ? (and I don't mean by mistake)

For once I agree with the good Captain, and I think this is the main reasons why bules are employed in Indonesia. Because Indonesians do behave exactly like that unless they are subject to strong leadership and firm management.

I certainly used to see them doing stupid things on a daily basis, and not learning from the mistakes. A classic example was building the bus lane out to Daan Mogot - they would dig HUGE holes in the road and EVERY morning some poor bastard would have crashed into it. Logic would dictate that motorists cant see the holes at night and they should put up signs, lights and barriers. But nope - next morning I would see them pulling another wreck out of the hole.

Perhaps someone can explain what the problem is….