PLN suffering rp17 b loss per day due to Jakarta floods

Jakarta (Antara News) - State electricity firm PT PLN has been suffering a loss of Rp17 billion a day due to a temporary cut in power supply to around 1 million subscribers in flood-affected areas in Jakarta and environs since last Friday.

"The losses are because PLN misses a chance of selling electrical power to around 1 million subscribers in Jakarta and environs," PLN President Director Eddie Widiono said on Monday.

The decision to cut power supply was made after the company`s five main relay stations and 2,140 distribution relay stations in the areas were inundated by flood water, he said.

He said the power blackouts covered five service areas, namely Gambir (Central Jakarta), Kebayoran Baru (South Jakarta), Kramat Jati (East Jakarta), Tangerang and Bekasi.

"Efforts to normalize the relay stations will be made after we sre technically sure that the flooded areas are again really dry and safe," he said.

Four of the five flooded main relay stations were now operational again, namely Pulogadung, Penggilingan, Kembangan and Cibitung main relay stations, he said.

The Gambir Baru main relay station was still covered by flood water. "Actually, the Gambir Baru main relay station was back in operation on Sunday but it was switched off again on Monday morning after the wall separating it from the river collapsed, thus causing water to flood it," he said.

He said it would take seven days for PLN to bring the distribution relay stations back into operation after the flood waters had receded.

It took 10 days to normalize around 1,800 distribution relay stations covered by flood water in 2002, he said.

The PLN president director further offered an apology to subscribers for the power blackouts aimed at preventing flood victims from being killed by electrical current.

Under the existing rules, subscribers who had power supplies cut for three consecutive days deserved to receive a tariff reduction amounting to 10 percent of their electricity bill. "The reduction will automatically be deducted from their electricity bills in the ensuing month," he said.(*)
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