Cisco Dominate Indonesian Market
Thursday, 01 February, 2007 | 15:23 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Cisco Systems, a telecommunication network provider operator, dominates around 70 percent of the Indonesian market.

To expand the scope of its income, Cisco has carried out expansion by now providing product services to end-users.

Pudja Unggul Kartiman, the Director of Small & Medium Enterprise of Cisco Systems, said that so far Cisco tended to be known as a network provider operator.

With the services expansion, Cisco is actually re-defining its brand.

This change is because the telecommunication market is now moving in the direction of end-users.

“This is because those who feel the benefit of telecommunication infrastructure are the end-users,” said Pudja.

As an example, Cisco has launched 10 million Telephonic IPs.

This technology using fixed network brings together voice and image in one telephone device, exactly like 3G technology in cellular phones.

To reach the expansion target, Cisco has acquired around a hundred companies whose products are directly connected to consumers.

“Especially good companies,” said Pudja.


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