There was some discussion on Deep Water Portage at the Maldives islands in Shoutbox.

Currently containers are shipped in low draft lighters, which can cross the shallow coral attol which conprises the Maldives. Three ships provide this service. They can only carry a handful of containers. One of these low draft lighters is shown here:

Some container ships can tranship containers to small craft when they sit offshore in deep water ancorage.

There are plans to build a dep water port which could accept container ships.

I quote from

Construction of Deepwater Harbor

The other big news from Maldives is that Gyaoom’s government has recently singed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Kuwaiti company to build and operate a trans-shipment port in the northern most atoll of the country.

The deep-water harbor project has been on the table since 2001when a European consortium was granted the right to build and manage a transshipment port. However, the project got delayed due to lack of proper legislature on foreign investment and land lease. The Maldives government then revoked the MoU claming that the project was not being implemented on schedule. The contract is now been granted to a Kuwaiti company whose identity is yet to be disclosed.

The construction of deep-water harbor by some third party in Maldives has raised concerns in India. Indian security analysts say that a transshipment port in such a close proximity is potential security risk to both India and the region. They argue that the UN has declared Maldives as “potential vulnerable as a point for the illegal shipment of precursor chemicals or large quantities of drugs destined for other countries.” The proposal to build a deep-water port in the north of the country is therefore a matter of grave concern to India.

In conclusion - you cannot at present get a full size contianer ship into port in Maldives, despite what anyone on shoutbox claims. The fucking thing will hit the coral and sink. End of story........