Hutchinson to Invest US$1 Billion in 2007
Monday, 22 January, 2007 | 16:09 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: PT Hutchinson Telecommunications will invest US$1 billion, or around Rp9.1 trillion, for required capital expenditures this year.

Siddharta Sidik, a Director of Hutchinson Telecommunications, said that the plan was aimed at expanding the services network.

“This year, we want to obtain as many customers as we can,” said Siddharta yesterday (01/21) in Jakarta.

The budgeted capital expenditures have been agreed by shareholders, which include PT Asia Mobile and the Hutchinson Whampoa Group.

Asia Mobile, a Hong Kong-based company, controls 40 percent of the shares of Hutchinson, which is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Hutchinson is a subsidiary company of Telecommunications International Ltd, also centered in Hong Kong, and is part of the Hutchinson Whampoa Group―claimed to be the pioneer and the largest operator of 3G-based cellular phones in the world with 119 million customers.

Actually, Hutchinson was the first 3G-licensed telecommunication operator that passed the feasibility test in Indonesia.

So far, Hutchinson has invited Siemens, Nokia and Converge Mbt as its partners.

Siemens's task is to supply transmitter technology at base transceiver stations (BTS).

In addition, Nokia helps in developing integrated networks and Converge Mbt facilitates the use of dealing systems.

Currently, said Siddharta, Hutchinson's services have reached all main cities in Java and it is planned that the marketing network will be expanded to Sumatra by the end of the year.

Should the plan be realized soon, Hutchinson will directly expand to Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Siddharta also explained that Hutchinson will introduce its products openly by holding a grand launching in late February.

After a soft launching at the beginning of this year, Hutchinson will be able to also provide pre-paid services.

“This year, we are targeting of reaching one million customers,” he said.

Riky Ferdianto
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