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#41582 - 22 Jan 07 23:10 The 2nd Holocaust
riccardo Offline

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Have you ever wondered what the next Holocaust will be like against our Jewish Brothers. Read this sobering essay by Benny Morris.


Essay: This Holocaust will be different

The second holocaust will be quite different. One bright morning, in five or 10 years, perhaps during a regional crisis, perhaps out of the blue, a day or a year or five years after Iranís acquisition of the Bomb, the mullahs in Qom will convene in secret session, under a portrait of the steely-eyed Ayatollah Khomeini, and give President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by then in his second or third term, the go-ahead.

The orders will go out and the Shihab III and IV missiles will take off for Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa and Jerusalem, and probably some military sites, including Israelís half dozen air and (reported) nuclear missile bases. Some of the Shihabs will be nuclear-tipped, perhaps even with multiple warheads. Others will be dupes, packed merely with biological or chemical agents, or old newspapers, to draw off or confuse Israelís anti-missile batteries and Home Front Command units.

With a country the size and shape of Israel (an elongated 20,000 square kilometers), probably four or five hits will suffice: No more Israel. A million or more Israelis in the greater Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem areas will die immediately. Millions will be seriously irradiated. Israel has about seven million inhabitants. No Iranian will see or touch an Israeli. It will be quite impersonal.

Here's the full article:
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#41586 - 22 Jan 07 23:28 Re: The 2nd Holocaust [Re: riccardo]
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
There are literally hundreds of comments on this essay in Jpost and Lgf. Here's a sampling:


abc123 1/21/2007 01:40PM PST

How long would it take for a group of angry Jews to come up with a WMD that could take out Mecca? Would three weeks be too long?

#4 John Schneider 1/21/2007 01:40PM PST

...and that will be the end of Ahmalittlenutjob and the little Nazi-wannabees as well.

#5 BR DevilDog 1/21/2007 01:41PM PST

I don't think the US has the will to act decisively against Iran, but Israel sure as hell won't stand by and let that happen.

#6 filetandrelease 1/21/2007 01:44PM PST

Well that certainly would be the proverbial line in the sand.

#7 aaron's rantblog 1/21/2007 01:44PM PST

And Americans who allowed it and spent more time watching NFL and March Madness than contacting their government representatives will be held accountable by the Highest Court.

#8 Capitalist Tool 1/21/2007 01:44PM PST

... thus the logic of the time-honored strategery of Mutually Assured Destruction.

#9 revka 1/21/2007 01:44PM PST

BR Devildog,
I don't know about that. Olmert is a whimp.

I agree with whomever said God won't allow Israel to be wiped off the map. BUT there could be another holocaust of some sort similar to the last one, but Israel won't be wiped out totally.

#10 revka 1/21/2007 01:45PM PST

Capitalist tool,
Yes, and I think M.A.D. doesn't work now with all the religious fanatics out there.

#11 revka 1/21/2007 01:46PM PST

Wouldn't that be great if the brown turd from Iran set off a nuke and it backfired and landed smack dab in Iran?

#12 Ojoe 1/21/2007 01:47PM PST

Either before this, or God forbid, after, islam will be no more.

idolators 5x a day, no good can come directly from that.

Nearly 400 more can be read at these two sites:
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#41598 - 23 Jan 07 00:30 Re: The 2nd Holocaust [Re: riccardo]
Patung Offline

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I don't know, reading comments at sites like may not be all that useful, even worse replying to them. I used to try at jihadwatch, biggest bunch of morons I've ever come across, except maybe at mypetjawa.

As for the Jews, well they survived in the past by dispersing, but now they are concentrating in one place........ But I'm sure the Iranians well know the Israelis would be quite happy to go down all nukes blazing as they should. Plus neither Israel or the US will let the iranians get nukes probably.

#41784 - 24 Jan 07 04:06 Re: The 2nd Holocaust [Re: Patung]
naga Offline

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what holocaust are they referring to?

Benny Morris is a one-eyed zionist revisionist...

Iran offers no threat to Israel whatsover...Israel will wipe Iran off the planet before vice verca happens.

Iran prefers proxies, hence the use of Hezbollah, they got to test the Israelis and only spilled Lebanese blood, no sweat for Iran.

If this thing went nuke, nobody would hold the Israeli's back, they just need the excuse..

All this foreign relations crap that AA carries on with is similar to what occurs in Indonesia, it is a simple diversion away from the internal issues of the country.

the majority of Iranians hate the regime, but they are bullied into accepting it by the mafia that runs their country...
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#45573 - 20 Feb 07 03:38 Re: The 2nd Holocaust [Re: naga]
doremi Offline

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From what I know (very little), Israel will not let this second holocaust to happen, they have superior military capabilities and the US will be behind them all the way.


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