CPO becomes major commodity in Belawan port

BELAWAN, North Sumatra (Antara): Crude Palm Oil (CPO) has become the main export commodity in Belawan seaport, North Sumatra following the raising demand of the product, a seaport official said Sunday.

Spokesman of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia-I Erwin Sutiyana said that Belawan cargo seaport accommodated commodities not only from North Sumatra but also from Aceh and Riau provinces.

"CPO has become the main export earner and the extension of this port cannot be separated from the high potentials of commodities from North Sumatra, Riau and Aceh," he was quoted by Antara News agency as saying.

Data showed that the CPO unloading activities carried out in the cargo terminal of the Belawan port amounting about 5.1 million tons annually. While the similar activities for fuel oil in the same terminal only reached about 4.2 million tons per year, Erwin noted.

Erwin said trade activities of CPO in the Belawan port comprising 76.66 percent of its total exports. (**)
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