18 Infrastructure Policies Canceled
Friday, 19 January, 2007 | 12:55 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The government has canceled 18 policies in the infrastructure package. The cancellation was part of revisions to the policy package that was launched in February 2006 and will continue this year.

According to Coordinating Minister For the Economy Boediono, the government has considered that the 18 policies are irrelevant. “The reason is that the internal activities of one department are not required to be included (in the package),” said Boediono yesterday (01/18) in Jakarta. He also explained that of 156 policies in the package, 92 of them have been finished. In addition, 46 policies are to be accomplished in 2007.

To complete Boediono's explanation, a member of the Special Staff of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy M. Ikhsan explained the 18 policies are more project transaction than regulation reform.

However, Ikhsan acknowledged that he did not remember what projects that have been canceled. “Clearly, those canceled projects were the ones that the State Budget financed,” he said. The prolonged infrastructure projects were the unfinished policy list of 2006 and will be continued in 2007-2008, including policies that cannot be enacted. “They will also be revised.”

Agus Supriyanto
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