Minister dubbed state officials as cowards

Jakarta (Antara News) - State Minister for Administrative Reforms Taufik Effendi labelled as cowards state officials who often abdicated responsibility and left it to the central government when they faced problems.

"I never heard state officials acknowledging their mistakes. As if they are innocent. They are cowards," the minister said with a shrill voice when delivering a keynote address at a seminar on state administrative system in the post-Constitution amendment.

He said that when floods took place the central government was immediately blamed, as if the governors of concerned provinces had made no mistakes.

The case was also true to train accidents.It was the transportation minister who was always blamed, as though it was the minister who had to bear the responsibilities, disregarding the responsibilities of other sides who also handled transportation matters.

"This causes us to become a coward nation, with people who tend to seek for self-safety only. But when it comes to rights matters, these people are adversely unwilling to be left behind," he said.

He said that in order to reform bureaucracy, a change in the mind set, management system, working culture and information technology was needed.

"The change in the mind set is like changing an authority into a role. If authority approach alone is used, then offices issuing permits for example would not offer a public service because it is the public who needs them," he added. (*)
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