Open Source Viewed as Not Obstructing Government's Activities
Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 | 13:48 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Judith M.S., Head of the Indonesian Internet Café or Warnet Association, has said she considered that the government's activities will not be hampered by the utilization of open source software.

There could be some obstruction when the migration process is carried out.

However, when the operation system is launched, it can be handled on a gradual basis.

“This is quite normal. Users initially experience instant panic because they used to running a certain operation system,” Judith told Tempo.

She was asked to comment as regards the statement of Information and Communication Minister Sofyan Djalil saying that open source utilization is yet to be carried out since it may hamper the government's activities.

Judith explained that Warnet communities had once faced obstacles as well when migrating to open source software.

“But it only lasted for between one and three months. Things went back to normal afterwards,” she said.

According to Judith, it is very difficult to avoid obstacles when starting something new, including migration to open source.

However, the obstacles will be overcome when users get used to running the operation system.

Eko Nopiansyah
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