Businessmen say investment climate yet to improve

Jakarta (Antara News) - Investment climate in Indonesia has yet to improve and attract investors from Thailand, Indonesian Textile Producers Association (API) chairman Benny Sutrisno said here on Wednesday.

"Therefore, Malaysia and Vietnam are more ready to attract investment from Thailand," Benny said, adding that Indonesia`s chance to relocate investors from Thailand remained dim because its investment climate had yet to get better.

Benny pointed out that Indonesia`s law on investment, no matter what its content was like, has not been made effective until now and investors still complained about the regional regulations.

The API chirman noted that most of the investors complained about the regional regulations because they did not synchronize with the central government`s policy.

"In light of all these, I wonder if we are able to improve a significant investment climate to attract foreign investors from Thailand," Benny noted.

In addition, he said that regardless of economic and political instability in Thailand, the country`s security remained condusive beacause there was a king who could unite its people.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Rubber Glove Industry (IRGMA) spokesman A Safiun said security, infrastructure and interest rate in Thailand were better than those in Indonesia so it would be a little bit difficult for the investors there to move to another country.

"Investment climate in Indonesia has yet to improve. Security in business activities remains uncertain because of illegal levies committed by hoodlums and certain security officials," Safiun said.

Economic observer from the Univesity of Indonesia, Faisal Basri, said a recent study which had been presented to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono indicated that 16 of 20 indicators of investment climate in Indonesia were worse than that of previous year.

"Investment prospect this year is getting worse than that of last year. It means the government strategy has wrong direction because it has yet to finish its domestic homework," Faisal Basri said. (*)
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