JobsDB moves to expand consumer base

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

PT JobsDB Indonesia, one of the largest online job placement companies in the country, has invested a total of US$300,000 in hardware infrastructure this year to improve services for its customers.

The company has acquired an additional 21 blade server computers, JobsDB Indonesia managing director Eddy Tjahja said in a statement, to add to its existing service capacity, and support its plans to add new online features for its customers.

"The online job market in Indonesia is maturing, with more people being aware of using such services," Eddy said.

"We are responding to this trend through this investment of ours for this year."

The latest investment follows the company's move in May 2005 to move its main computer servers from Hong Kong to Jakarta, so as to provide a faster online service for its customers.

The company expects growth of between 30 to 40 percent in its customer base this year as a result of the new investment, Eddy said.

JobsDB Indonesia at present serves up to 10 million employers, job seekers and advertisers in the country.

Its parent company, based in Hong Kong, has networks throughout China, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia, with 5.6 million member job seekers and over 110,000 corporate employers.
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