BKPM: Investors are Leaving ?
Friday, 12 January, 2007 | 15:28 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The Capital Investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM) acknowledged that it is yet to recognize foreign investors that left the Indonesian Special Economic Zones. “We absolutely do not know anything about the investors who are leaving. However, we will investigate this later,” Main Secretary of BKPM Yus'an told Tempo yesterday (01/11) in Jakarta.

According to him, there is not yet any report regarding turning one’s back on an investor—especially on the specific zones—to the government. “However, for clearer information, why do not ask the Deputy of Investment Control, who is also the task force head. Task force team is a team whose task is to receive any complaints from the investors and it will try to solve them,” said Yus'an.

He has also affirmed that the incentive packages that the government offered were already clear: for example, Governmental Regulation Number 7/2007 on Exemption of Value-Added Tax for Strategic Products. “Investors-to-be on the said sectors in the governmental regulation will enjoy the facilities this January,” he said.

Industry Minister Fahmi Idris said that the government will watch investors' interests inside and outside the special zones. It will be aimed at preventing investors from getting out of Indonesia. In addition, he said, his party will always heed the policies that competitor countries issue. “Should Thailand and Malaysia issue incentives, Indonesia will adopt them,” he said.

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