[Balibob] it's really quietened down in the last year though
[Balibob] but it's more (or was) liberal than most small cities
[Balibob] not so many bules now

[Polar Bear] Why fewer bules BB?

[Balibob] well Unocal as U know sold out to Chevron last year
[Balibob] and Unocal had many Bules in Balik
[Balibob] after Chevron moved in the nationiles many jobs and sent the Yanks back to where they belong,.. good old shit house USA

[Balibob] they also stopped the drilling and exploration so now many service companies pull out taking the bules with them

[KuKuKaChu] why is that? isn't indonesia prospective for more oil and gas?

[Polar Bear] so less oil exploration in the region?

[LuKukuLu] Kuku - borneo as in Kalimantan?

[KuKuKaChu] lulu, yes, borneo is the island of kalimantan smile
[KuKuKaChu] lulu, borneo is the "english" name for kalimantan

[Polar Bear] No wonder the cican are heading back to the kampung if the rich yanks go home to their wives and kids.... smile

[Balibob] well it's actually a gas region with little oil but yes less gas,.. again I think it's all down to Politics
[Balibob] The Indo gov want the gas sent to Java via Bakries new 1.2 billion US$ pipeline at local prices
[Balibob] Chevron want to sell on the International market at International prices

[KuKuKaChu] bb, do you get the feeling that the oil companies are nowday less than enthusiastic about indonesia??

[Balibob] very much so Ku
[Balibob] all the really potential oil blocks left are being given to our friends the Bakries
[Balibob] and the shit ones are being SOLD to the Internationals

[KuKuKaChu] why? security? legal uncertainty?

[Balibob] Legal, return on Investment,.. Autonomy also is creating so much problems such as double taxation

[Polar Bear] BB - can the locals handle it. They seem to find a lot of hot mud elsewhere... smile

[Balibob] Local companies such as Medco are very good but the Bakries are cowboys
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