House Speaker : Micro economy not encouraging

Jakarta (Antara News) - House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Agung Laksono has said unlike the macro economic growth, the micro economic development has not been encouraging forcing the micro economic team to work harder.

The House speaker who made the remark here Sunday when opening the House`s third session term which would begin on Monday (January 8) said the House had made the catering case high on the agenda.

According to Agung, there are two alternatives to boost the micro economic sector, namely, to push exports and encourage both domestic and foreign investments.

"The foreign investment is currently decreasing," the House speaker noted.

What has been encouraging is the increasing export value, he said, adding "The export value is indeed slightly up due to the price hikes of several commodities abroad. However, the export volume has not increased".

In the 2006-2007 session term (January 8 to March 30, 2007), the House would deal with 38 bills proposed both by the House and the government.

A lot of bills have strategic values in support of the economic and democratic developments in Indonesia, he said.

He said in implementing the duties of the budgetary section, the House would focus on the discussion of the accountability for the use of the 2005 state budget which had been audited by the State Audit Board.

The House would also concentrate on the discussion on the state budgetary bills for the next fiscal year besides monitoring the use of the 2007 state budget, he said.

On the supervisory sector, the House would talk with relevant ministers about the catering case befalling Indonesian haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, he said.

Agung further said the the House also paid attention to the transportation problems including those on sea accidents in the country.

"On the transportation problems, the House will call up relevant ministers in the third session term," he added.

The House would also make a hearing with the Religious Affairs Ministry on the haj catering case. The catering case occurred when Indonesian haj pilgrims were performing `wukuf`, the main ritual in the haj pilgrimage on the Arafah plains, and other haj ritual processes in Mina.

They had missed eight times of food distribution on the occasion when they had to perform the religious services with full concentration.

The House would also table bills on the political, legal and security affairs. The parliament would discuss a number of decisions made by the Constitutional Court, which had recently created polemics and even unrest among the people. (*)
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