Trattoria Cucina Italiana
Jln. Laksmana,

I know that Riccardo mentioned an Italian Restaurant in Bali before that was excellent (I tried it myself thanks Ric) but this is another good cheap place with a great reputation. There can me no greater testament to this restaurants success than the fact they have had to open up a further 3 locations to accommodate all the people that want to eat there! This place is always busy and has a reputation for serving tasty Italian food at very cheap prices. Itís owned by an Italian and has a few Italian chefs in the kitchen so you know you are on to a winner!

One thing I just donít understand are the morons who have decided to set up an Italian restaurant and a pizza restaurant right across the road to this place. IMHO you are a prize plonker if you think you can compete with this place Ė which restaurant would you eat at? The one with hundreds of people in it or the one that is empty!!
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