In 2005 the IFC produced a report called Doing Business in 2004.

The entire report is here, and well worth a read:

It cited an Indonesian businessman opening a textile factory in Jakarta. The entrepreneur obtained the standard forms from the Ministry of Justice, completed and notarised them. He proved he was a local resident, and had no criminal record. He obtained a tax number, applied for a Business Licence, then deposited the required bond (cash value 3X national income per capita). He published the articles of association in the official gazette, paid his stamp fee, registered at the Ministry of Justice, then waited 90 days before he could file for social security. He could not start business until 168 days after he started the process.

The same report found it took 2 days to start a similar business in Australia.

The cost of enforcement of a legal contact in the UK was found to be less than 1% of the value of the contract. In Indonesia it was found to be over 100% the value.

Kuku I take my hat off to you.