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#39724 - 01 Jan 07 06:03 The next 20 years. some predictions.
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Last night I was in bar, dancing with a young Chinese girl. The band played Pink Floyds “Wall”. I was mazed to discover that not only had the girl never heard the song, she didn’t know about the Berlin wall.

In less than 20 years such momentous events had been forgotten.

So what will we see in the next 20 years?

My own predictions:

Massive rise in China as an economic power over the next 10 years. Resulting rise in resource demand – especially oil.

China steps into the Middle East to secure its oil supplies, where it sides with fundamental Arabs. The West sides with the moderates and Israelis. Continual proxy warfare takes place. Neither side can risk outright warfare because it will destroy the economic balance.

The result is total breakdown in the middle east. Collapse of Israel within 10 years. Israelis move to Western nations as refugees, and use influence upon the west to act aggressively in the Middle east.

By 2020 limited local nuclear warfare will have broken out in the region. Many millions will die from the resulting radiation, although directly attributable deaths will be in the thousands.

Meanwhile displaced people will continue to place pressure upon first world countries. By 2017 most countries refuse to allow any migration. The notion of free travel for education or holiday disappears. Refugees become militant armies, encouraged by fundamentalist groups. They fight open warfare to breach into national borders.

Islam continues its relentlessly increasing grip. By 2020 Indonesia is fully Islamic and Sharia law is in place. Women are banned from education, all women must wear a face covering. Women are not allowed to work, or to drive. In the early stages many non Muslims try to escape to the West, however borders close down. Millions of Catholics are persecuted.

Indonesia becomes a staging point for Islamic expansion in the region, encouraging and assisting minority Islamic populations to make demands upon governments.

By 2025 in Australia the Islamic believers have reached about 20% of the overall population. They demand limited Sharia law. Australia resists, civil unrest breaks out. Rioting goes no for months. Australia asks the USA and Europe for assistance, but the situation is the same there. Huge parts of the UK are now regional autonomies, run under Sharia law. Australia relents and Sydney and Melbourne become Islamic mini states.

Anyone who thinks it is fanciful should remember how different the world was on NYE 1986.

#39737 - 01 Jan 07 08:25 Re: The next 20 years. some predictions. [Re: Polar Bear]
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And what's even more amazing is a scenario much like you describe is the glorious dream of so many muslim clerics and leaders. They would see all that trouble and pain as a sweet victory. This is what we are dealing with and yet ignorant PC-oriented Western liberals continue to try to give in to them -- to appease them! Going even further back, doesn't anyone remember Neville Chamberlain's disastrous appeasement and what transpired as a result of negotiating with pure evil?
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