President Warns About Graft Slowdown

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono warned on Monday (11/12/06) against moves to slow down the anti-corruption campaign, but said stakeholders should avoid excesses in the fight to root out graft.

He said authorities should respect the principle of presumption of innocence and avoid issuing accusations or conducting investigations based on insufficient information.

"In the first five years of a massive anti-graft campaign, one always encounters problems, stagnation, even fear, everywhere. Let's deal with these collectively," he said at the opening of a three-day national meeting of the Development and Finance Control Board.

Dr. Yudhoyono urged police, prosecutors and judges to avoid mistakes that could hamper the country's progress, including disruptions to the business environment. Attempts to stifle the anti-graft measures, he said, would remain a challenge in the long run, but the government would have to remain consistent in pursuing the fight against corruption.

"We need to stay on track for better future generations," he said, reiterating the need to create an environment that makes it difficult for officials at all levels to engage in corruption.

Deputy KPK chairman Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas said on Monday that the public feels disappointed when the anti-graft drive fails to deliver the desired outcome. "The public has high expectations and that is understandable, he told The Jakarta Post. He said that to meet those expectations, the KPK was working hard to come up with better anti-corruption techniques.
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