Indonesian cops at their best. Idiots. Applying for a travel ban a week after a potential murder.

Cops apply for travel
ban a week after death
JAKARTA, The Point
Nearly a week after the strange death of Alda Risma Elfariani, police have decided to finally apply for a travel ban for a man believed to be in the same Jakarta hotel room as the singer when she died.
National Police narcotics director Brig. Gen. Indriadi Tanos said Saturday that he had made a verbal request to the Ministry of Immigration directorate-general, which would be followed by a written application, to keep Ferry Surya Perkasa in the country.

"Tomorrow is Sunday, that's the hitch," said Tanos, who was quoted by as saying. He said that first thing on Monday he would send the letter.

Tanos said police were still hunting Ferry and several other people who were with the singer in the hotel room before or when she died last Tuesday of what police say was a drug overdose. Other reports say the victim, who rose to fame in Indonesia with the hit Aku tak Biasa (I'm not Unusual), had 25 injection marks covering her body, including in places not normally associated with drug taking. reported over the weekend that Mediana, a nurse who was with Elfariani before she died, has now been captured.

"Correct, she was caught last night," a police source told on Sunday.

Mediana had been detained at East Jakarta Police Headquarters, which had jurisdiction over the case, he said.

A joint team comprising Jakarta Police and East Jakarta Police captured her. First the team went to a Buddhist temple on Jl Pengeran Jayakarta, in Central Jakarta before conducting a sweep in Pal Meriam in Matraman, East Jakarta.

They also checked the alleys near Pramuka market, but she was not to be found. The next stops were near the Buaran bridge in Jatinegara area. After circling the bridge a few times the police then went to Jl Malaka Raya near the Klender housing estate. Finally, she was apprehended at her friend's house in this area at 4 a.m.

However, an officer at East Jakarta Police, who wished to remain unanimous, said that it was not true that Mediana had been captured.

"Please give us a break and let us do our job," said the head of Detectives and Crime section of East Jakarta Police, Comm. Dahana replied. (DIS)
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