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#38484 - 14 Dec 06 02:35 Muslim dispensation to lie to kaffars????
Polar Bear Offline
Pujangga Besar

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For some time there has been debate in some areas on wording in the Koran that allows Muslims to lie with impunity to kaffars.

This keeps on re-occurring in Australia, and I am not sure if it is belief in the Koran, cultural indifference to the truth or just plain dishonesty at play.

In the latest example the Prime Ministers advisor on young Muslims, Iktimal Hage-Al was arrested in a drugs bust. Charges were dropped, and eight days later she was appointed NSW young Australasian of the Year.

Now maybe she did, or maybe she didn’t, have something to do with this drugs bust. Certainly three other Middle Eastern men were arrested and charged.

BUT – here is the issue. The Telegraph newspaper asked her about being arrested. And she completely denied it.

She said “Its not true”. But it WAS TRUE!

She said “I have only been to Blacktown police station 2 times”. But she had been taken there a third time for questioning.,22049,20917318-5007132,00.html

So, come on everyone, tell me please. Do these Muslims think we are fucking stupid? Or doe they think the Koran is some sort of dispensation to tell blatant lies.

#38497 - 14 Dec 06 03:32 Re: Muslim dispensation to lie to kaffars???? [Re: Polar Bear]
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Not only a dispensation, but in fact there are examples of regular exhortations for muzzies to lie, cheat, steal from, rape and murder infidels -- specifically Jews and Christians.

I think Aussies, as well as W. Europeans, would do well to clearly understand such exhortations.
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