Cost of Landing Rights for Foreign Satellite to be Decreased
Monday, 11 December, 2006 | 16:03 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The government will cut cost of foreign satellite landing rights so that access tariffs for the Internet will be cheaper.

However, the amount of the decrease is still discussed.
Jos Luhukay, Member of Executing Team of Council of National Communication and Information Technology, said that the existence of foreign satellites in Indonesia could create healthy competition among satellite operators.

“The competition will trigger decrease of satellite lease tariffs so that costs of using satellites for developing the Internet can be reduced,' said Jos.

The absence of competitors from other countries in satellite provisions, said Jos, will result in operators set high prices and internet users will have to pay more
“Operators have set too high profit margins,' said Jos.

Therefore, services for the general public are neglected and as a result, there is digital gap in Indonesia.

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