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#38328 - 12 Dec 06 10:02 Things you read in the shout box........
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Pujangga Besar

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[x] [Polar Bear] working snoops? You stil writing?

[x] [snoopy] yes PB, not much.. not in the mood.. need good fuck :P

[x] [Polar Bear] ahhhhhhhhhh

[x] [riccardo] Well, well, that shut everybody up. Snoop, I'm not sure you understand this but we Jakchatters are a bit more subtle about such things

[x] [Polar Bear] well, try going to Blok m and make some cash at the same time!

[x] [riccardo] a bit more tact, we never know how many young kids or grandmas or husbands or wives are reading this anonymously

[x] [Polar Bear] its a good cure for writers block tho. it reopens the sensual parts of the mind

[x] [snoopy] yea.. ric.. thanks to let me know that..

#38334 - 12 Dec 06 11:51 Re: Things you read in the shout box........ [Re: Polar Bear]
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Had a quiet night in eh PB?

All quiet on the Cronulla beach front

Monday December 11, 2006

SYDNEY - A pleasant summer's day was all that was happening at Cronulla beach yesterday, 12 months after a racially fuelled riot tore through the southern Sydney suburb.

Police stepped up patrols at southern and eastern beaches at the weekend. All reports from Cronulla indicated it was quiet, New South Wales Police Minister John Watkins said, and there would be no repeat of the December 11 troubles.

"The deputy commissioner said the only people running amok at Cronulla were the little nippers running into the water, and that's exactly as it should be," he said.

"Cronulla is a beautiful beach, an icon of the Australian summer, and that's how we want and expect it to remain through today and the rest of the summer.

"However, we are ready, willing and able to take action if there are any incidents at Cronulla or indeed other beaches across this summer."

Mr Watkins said police officers were at Cronulla "in numbers" at the weekend and promised that they would continue to patrol the suburb on significant dates such as Boxing Day and Australia Day.

He said the operation to monitor Sydney's beaches after last year's violence was "money well spent".

"There are always certain elements in the community who would like to see a return to violence or antisocial behaviour," he said. "We have a responsibility to the people of Cronulla and the wider community of Sydney to make sure we've got resources deployed."

New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney has said police were monitoring some people, and there was no indication of planned attacks over the anniversary week-end.

More than 100 people have been charged with over 280 offences stemming from the December 11 riot and the subsequent revenge attacks.
place within us love that truly gives, tenderness that truly unites, self-offering that tells the truth and does not deceive, forgiveness that truly receives, loving physical union that welcomes

#38339 - 12 Dec 06 20:50 Re: Things you read in the shout box........ [Re: Piss Salon]
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Pujangga Besar

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There was a video clip of those riots, of a fat police sergeant beating white kids with a truncheon.

If that fat sergeant has been a bit more keen to beat a few Lebanese in the past, we would not be in this mess. Lebanese in Australia think the laws only exist for others, not for them.

A few years ago there was a protest in Sydney about the USA in Iraq. At the Anglican Cathedral the Middle Eastern protesters suddenly picked up chairs from a café and threw them through the cathedral historic stained glass windows!!!

Had it been a Mosque there would be a public enquiry. But because they were Lebanese Muslims the police just stood and watched.

after Cronulla hundreds of white Christians were arrested. Not one fucking Muslim was arrested.......

It is one sided biased attitudes like this that really piss of a lot of Australians.

#38341 - 12 Dec 06 20:52 Re: Things you read in the shout box........ [Re: Polar Bear]
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Pujangga Besar

Registered: 23 Nov 05
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POLICE have been asked to protect Australia's largest mosque next weekend because of concerns that a bikini march staged to coincide with the anniversary of the Cronulla riots may get out of control.

The caretaker of Lakemba Mosque, the Lebanese Muslim Association, says it is taking no risks, requesting at least 32 police officers to protect the place of worship on Saturday and Sunday.

Association president Tom Zreik said he met police on several occasions to ensure there would be adequate numbers of officers present to defuse problems and arrest troublemakers.

"We are treating this as something that is funny and hilarious but also taking precautions," Mr Zreika said of the bikini march. "Some people may see this as provocation and the last thing that we want is to see anyone being attacked."

The organiser, Melbourne grandmother Christine Hawkins, has asked women nationally to dress in bikinis and colourful beachwear and rally outside large mosques to show their disgust at comments by leading Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, who likened women to "uncovered meat".

Many Muslim women suggested joining the march in their hijabs and burqas to voice their outrage at comments made by Senator Bronwyn Bishop and Prime Minister John Howard about the way they dress. "We're really asking people not to bother coming to the mosque," Mr Zreika said.

#38609 - 15 Dec 06 21:55 Re: Things you read in the shout box........ [Re: Polar Bear]
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Pujangga Besar

Registered: 23 Nov 05
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