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Aquatico Ready to Invest $15m in Water

Singapore-based Aquatico Pte Ltd said on Tuesday (5/12/06) it will invest $15 million in Thames Pam Jaya (TPJ) if the Jakarta administration approves its plan to buy 100% of shares owned by Thames Waters in TPJ.

"We will use the $15 million in fresh fund to build water processing installations to produce drinkable water and new pipelines," Rosan P Roeslani, president director of PT Recapital Advisor, which owns Aquatico, was quoted as saying by Antara.
He said Aquatico is waiting for the agreement from the Jakarta governor to buy the shares.

Aquatico is the winner of a limited tender for Thames' 100% stake in TPJ. Thames sold its stake following the decision of its headquarters in London to focus on Europe and America.
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