Indonesia`s import of machines, production tools up by average 10 %

Jakarta (Antara News) - Indonesia`s imports of machines and production tools continue to increase by an everage of more than 10 percent per annum because most of these products are not yet produced at home, an Industry Ministry official said here on Monday.

"Indonesia is not yet able to meet its need for these products in its effort to develop its industries," Director General for Metal Textile Machinery Industry Anshari Bukhari said here on Monday.

The director general made the remarks in a public expose held ahead of a machinery trade exhibition to be opened by Industry Minister Fahmi Idris on Wednesday.

He said that many machines and production tools, particularly processing and construction ones could not yet be produced at home while they were needed to keep a breast of machinery technology developments.

"Our imports of these products continue to increase by about 10 percent annually," he said.

Indonesia`s machine and tool imports stood at US$7.09 billion in 2005, up from US$5.52 billion a year earlier.

In 2003, Indonesia`s machine and tool imports were US$3.77 billion.

Up to June this year, Indonesia`s imports of these products were recorded at US$1.97 billion.

Based on data from the Industry Ministry, Indonesia`s exports of machines and tools last year totalled US$1.93 billion while in 2004 the figure stood at US$1.61 billion.

In the first semester of 2006, Indonesia`s exports of these products reached US$751.8 million. (*)
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