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Presidentís Governance Pledge

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday (27/11/06) pledged his commitment to good governance after receiving an honorary doctorate during his visit to major investor Japan, where he set the seal on a framework for a free trade deal.

Receiving an honorary doctorate at Tokyoís prestigious Keio University, Dr. Yudhoyono said he was dedicated to enforcement of the law and bringing economic equality. "I would say good governance is the ideology of the 21st century," he told his audience. "Without good governance, you will not succeed in achieving economic growth.Ē

Keio University said it was honoring the contributions of Dr. Yudhoyono, whose government last year signed a peace treaty in Aceh aimed at ending three decades of separatist conflict in the tsunami-wracked province.

Dr. Yudhoyono "contributed to securing the political stability of the nation based on the platform built upon four pillars: a more peaceful, more just, more prosperous and more democratic Indonesia," said university dean Tomoyuki Kojima.

The Indonesian leader held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday and later signed off on the framework for the free trade agreement.
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