Indonesia's export to reach US$97 billion by end of year

Jakarta (Antara News) - Indonesia`s exports by the end of this year are expected to reach US$97 billion while the exports in October reached US$82.207 billion.

"If the exports coud reach US$2 billion in the past two months our exports would reach around US$97 billion," the chief of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Rusman Heriawan, said here on Friday.

Indonesia`s exports in October reached US$8.716 billion, and those in September US$8.782 billion.

He said the commodities which have the potential to contribute to the figure included mineral products such as copper, iron, coal in addition to rubber.

From January to October this year the exports of rubber and rubber-based products increased by US$1.9 billion compared to the same period last year, while mineral fuels increased by US$1.7 billion, iron ore and metal ash US$0.96 bilion and copper US$0.7 billion.

"They were our main export items in the past two months," he said.

BPS announced that Indonesia`s exports from January to October this year were valued at US$82.21 billion while its imports US$50.21 billion causing a surplus of US$32 billion.

Exports in October reached US$8.72 billion while imports US$4.49 billion, a decline compared to those in the previous month which reached US$8.78 billion and imports US$5.66 billion.

Indonesia recorded the highest surplus in its trade with the United States reaching US$5.59 billion, followed by Japan (US$5.31 billion) and Singapore (US$3.40 billion). (*)
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