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#37609 - 02 Dec 06 09:38 Wrestling with RI
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There's been too much talk and media coverage of this sick Smack Down Bull SHITE and it's really making me nauseous! Patung's site has some interesting comments too. BUT, overall there is tooooooo much ignorance in this world and in this darn country.

Brief recap for those of you fortunate enough to be living in a cave or on a deserted island these days:

That hideous, phony TV garbage called "Smack Down" or World Pro "Wrestling" or WWE has been a big hit among Indonesian viewers since airing recently. A few kids have recently died in after-school brawls and the parents are blaming WWE, the TV station and everyone but themselves. The muzzies have called for all TV programs from the WEST to be banned, the schools have banned all types of "wrestling" and media idiots have called for all wrestling to be stopped.... And the brainless, clueless sheep get in line and march along in cadence....

The fact is these silly shows are broadcast all over the world and kids don’t kill each other. As a schoolboy and in university, I was what might be called a proper wrestler -- Olympic freestyle and Greco-Roman. We had proper supervised training sessions with coaches after school and official wrestling mats and local tournaments against schools in our league and state (e.g. see video below). Nobody got killed, and the few injuries that did occur were once in a blue moon.

This rubbish on TV is just pure fake crap and show biz, and I wish like heck they’d quit using the word “wrestling” full stop…

What these kids need are actual after-school sports programs to learn and compete in. Some of the top real wrestlers in the Olympics come from East Asian countries, like Japan, the Koreas, Mongolia and the Philippines, there is no reason why Indonesia can’t compete with them, except for the fact that their Olympic-style National Wrestling Association (Persatuan Gulat Seluruh Indonesia, or PGSI) is run by a corrupt fool who has taken all the money allocated for training and coaches and used it for his own sick purposes… anyone remember Andi Ghalib?? I believe he’s still in charge of PGSI, even though it’s well known that he steals all the money allocated to the PGSI each year -- our tax dollars…

The ASIAN GAMES just started in Doha and guess what, INDONESIA has zero wrestlers competing! Even war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan have 15 wrestlers there. Tiny, impoverished Cambodia has 4, Vietnam 8, the PLO 4, etc... etc.. Each Country is GIVEN at least 4 spots without need to qualify.

Anyway, the bottom line is it’s not wrestling that’s causing deaths, it’s corruption and ignorance.

Highlight video from one California high school with real wrestling -- this type is called 'folkstyle' or 'collegiate style':
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#37612 - 02 Dec 06 10:20 Re: Wrestling with RI [Re: riccardo]
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[riccardo] Kuku have you seen the video of "real wrestling" I put up??

[KuKuKaChu] ricc, i was just reading your post actually, will look at the video later ... why do they call it "folkstyle"?

[riccardo] I'm not sure why it's called folkstyle, that's a recent name, in my day it was termed collegiate style. There is also freestyle and greco-roman. Those are the 3 types but they're quite similar, just different scoring systems

[KuKuKaChu] i see

[riccardo] It's a sport that requires a very high level of technique, endurance and intelligence. NOTHING like this WWE garbage!

[KuKuKaChu] yes, it's rather an affront calling it "wrestling" smile

[riccardo] technique, endurance, intelligence, I wonder [why] RI sucks?

[KuKuKaChu] smile they aren't among indonesian's finest qualities wink

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