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#37510 - 01 Dec 06 03:17 Is it real?
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Someone told me that any kind of troubles (illness, accident, lost, sadness, disappointed, etc) that happened in our life depend on our spirit's conscious condition no matter who we are and what kind of religion or faith we have. So all troubles happened just to remind us about our weakness, when we realize our weakness and reform our conscious condition than we can see clearly the wayout of our troubles. Than he said only peoples whose wanna to learn how to read can feel it and prove it and can take all the advantages for better journey of life each day.

What do you think and feel guys? any body have the same enlightenment experiences?
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#37512 - 01 Dec 06 03:34 Re: Is it real? [Re: mercusuar]
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what you seem to be talking about is a religious consciousness, one that sees redemption in a striving for "goodness" and/or "perfection".

religious "consciousness" is a prison. it is not reality, but a substitute for reality for people who can't handle the truth of our existence; ie, that everything is ultimately meaningless; that evil more often wins out over good; and that when you die, you're dead.

so, really, the "troubles" you refer to are probably pretty damn insignificant in the greater scheme of things. there is no meaning in them, and their is nothing to learn from them.

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