There is a current opinion in the west that the situation in Iraq is a disaster. Even some of my fellow members of the Army now subscribe to this idea.

History is viewed from subjective perspectives. 60 Million died in WW2. 25,000 British soldiers died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme Most died in the hour before breakfast. Compared to that, the loss of 3000 coalition troops over the last 5 years is miniscule.

Road deaths in the USA dwarf the number of soldiers killed in combat manyfold. In the year 2003 over 48,000 Americans died in vehicle accidents. More Americans died of drowning in that year than have been killed in combat in Iraq in the entire war.

The loss of 3000 troops, however unpleasant, is acceptable. Warfare is the business of killing, and sadly, of being killed.

So what has been achieved for this loss?

Iraq, once a powerful nation, with a population of 27 million, and a massive army, is now decimated. It is now beset by infighting. Kurds fight Sunni, Sunni fight Shiite. The nation is months away from civil war, and from division into three smaller states. United they stood, divided they can be controlled.

The loss of a mere 3000 troops to achieve such a major change is staggering. Remember the USA lost 50,000 troops trying to prevent a country from unifying. It has achieved the reverse for less than 10% of the cost.

The rest of the Islamic world now knows that the USA can and will destroy a country at will. The leaders will see Iraq as a victory for the west, not the loss that the west sees it as.

History will look back and see Iraq as a major victory for a very small costů..