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Indonesia Offers 25 Fishing Port Projects

The Maritime and Fishery Department has offered foreign investors the opportunity to build 25 outer-ring fishing ports valued at Rp15 trillion ($1.66 billion), Antara reported on Tuesday (21/11/06).

Six of the port projects have been proposed to the National Development Planning Board to be included in the government's priority list and are set to be financed by foreign loans in 2007, the department’s Director General for Sea Fishing, Husni Mangga Barani, said.

The port projects in Tual, Merauke, Teluk Aswang, Pelabuhan Ratu, Makassar and Nunukan have been offered to investors from a number of countries, including the Netherlands, China, Japan, South Korea and France, Barani said.

He said outer-ring fishing ports are needed to speed up the revitalization of ports in the country.

Meanwhile, the US’ largest shrimp importer, Red Chamber Co, said it wants to invest in the development of shrimp products in eastern Indonesia.

Red Chamber executive director Rick Martin said Monday (20/11/06) his company wants to introduce new shrimp species in Indonesia.
“We are interested in investing in eastern Indonesia, especially after the government has shown its determination to stamp out illegal fishing in the country,” Martin, who chairs the US Fishery Association, said after a meeting with Vice President Jusuf Kalla.
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