PT Timah sees refined tin output above target

Jakarta (Antara News) - PT Timah's output of refined tin this year will be above its target of 38,407 tons because of the increased supply of ore from unconventional miners resulting from the government's action last month against illegal smelters, Timah corporate secretary Prasetyo Budi Saksono said.

The company had bought 3,600 tons of tin ore from unconventional miners last month, compared to just 2,000 tons in September, after the police shut down illegal smelters on the islands of Bangka and Belitung, near Timah's own smelters, PT Timah president Thobrani Alwi told XFN-Asia.

He predicted that the supply to Timah of ore from unconventional miners would exceed 5,000 tons this month.

The expression "unconventional miners" describes miners who exploit Timah's areas on Bangka and Belitung, but who are not authorized to do so.

In the first nine months of this year, Timah's output of tin ore or tin-in-concentrate reached 28,874 tons, of which 28 pct came from offshore dredging and the rest from onshore, most of the onshore output having come from unconventional miners.

Alwi predicted that Timah's exports of refined tin would reach 43,000 tons this year, or about 35 pct of exports by the industry as a whole, which are predicted to reach 123,500 tons.

Timah normally exports more than 95 pct of its output.

In the first nine months, its output of refined tin was 31,530 tons, against 30,084 tons a year earlier, while its volume of sales of refined tin was 30,735 tons, 0.5 pct less than a year before. (*)
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