Brokers worried about current unfair competition

Jakarta (Antara News) - Property brokers expressed concern over the unfair competition here on Friday and called on the government to immediately improve the situation.

"We wish the government would immediately issue a certification regulation which applies to property brokers in the country," secretary general of the Association of Indonesian Property Brokers, Dharmadi Darmawangsa, said.

He said certification of brokers was needed for regulating and controlling purposes, and with which their data would be recorded, and rules and sanctions set.

He said competition in this country has become unfair, which is marked by a "fee war", piracy of human resources and theft of data base.

He said there have been no standards of operation, nor any business ethics in this line of business in this country.

He said by applying certification, the government would also get a benefit, adding that tax potential in this line of business was high.

He said transactions carried out by around 20,000 brokers had amounted to trillions of rupiahs.

He said he did not know why the government had been so slow in making a certification regulation while "we have submitted everything to them for that purposes including minutes of meetings."

He said however that it was certain that the government would issue the regulation next month, which would be put under a ministerial decision.(*)
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