Batam full, shipyards turning to Karimun

Batam (Antara News) - Some 33 shipyards grouped in the Batam Shipyard Offshore Association (BSOA) have started turning to Karimun islands for their new investment as Batam has already become too full of business activities.

"Look, Batam is already full (of business activities)," BSOA chairman Chandra Dahlan said here on Thursday after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Karimun district administration.

Karimun Islands are very strategic for a shipyard industry, Chandra said, because it is near to Singapore with its deep shores to accommodate large ships.

However, its limited infrastructure is posing an obstacle to investment in the district, 75 percent of which is surrounded by sea.

Meanwhile, Karimun district head Nurdin Basirun said that the island is still facing problems of water and power supply, and telecommunications facilities.

Thus, Nurdin invited some private companies to invest in Karimun which has 5.61 percent economic growth.(*)
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