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Consumer Confidence Index at 14-Month High

The consumer confidence index rose to 98.1 points in October, its highest mark in 14 months, up from 96.1 points in September, a central bank survey showed Wednesday (8/11/06), according to Agence France-Presse.

The confidence index, which indicates respondents' optimism about the economy, last stood above 100 points in June last year.
The two components of the index -- the present condition index and consumer expectation index -- both rose in October. The present situation index, which indicates the level of consumer confidence in current economic conditions, rose to 82.3 points in October from 81.8 points in September.

Meanwhile, the consumer expectation index, which shows the level of confidence in economic prospects for the next six months, rose to 113.9 points in October from 110.5 points previously.
The survey said the increase in the expectation index was mainly due to rising optimism over income prospects for the next six months on the back of improved economic conditions.
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