Govt asked to explain social impact of plan to industrialize Madura

Surabaya, Nov 11 (ANTARA) - A Madurese politician, Farid Alfauzi, has called on the government to give Madura religious and community leaders transparent explanations about the social impact of its plan to develop Madura island into an industrial hub.

A negative effect the local community would face when Madura was industrially developed under a Madura Development Authority was, for instance, the possible emergence of prostitution, Farid said here on Saturday.

"Prostitution usually flourishes in areas where industrial areas are set up. The possibility of this prospect should be conveyed to religious and community leaders so that they will be prepared to face it," he said.

Earlier, East Java Governor Imam Utomo said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had asked the provincial administration to establish a Madura Development Authority in conjunction with the construction of a bridge linking Java and Madura island.

Farid said religious and community leaders in Madura should from now on be informed that industrialization would to a certain extent have a negative impact on the local people`s social life so that they could take appropriate measures to minimize the negative effects.

"This is why, the plan to establish a Madura Development Authority should also involve all elements of Madura`s community, especially its religious leaders," he said. (*)
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