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#35716 - 08 Nov 06 09:05 R U a Cliche?
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Here's some explanations of mostly US sports cliches, Let's hear what some of the commonwealth countries use for sports cliches and try to give the meaning as is done below:


When they say: “The manager likes the fact he throws strikes” what they mean is: “He’s the only way we can get the outfielders to do wind sprints.”

When they say: “He doesn’t get cheated on his swings” what they mean is: “He hasn’t drawn a walk since Dubya’s daddy was in the White House.”

When they say: “He‘s a veteran who still has a lot to offer” what they mean is: “Welcome to Kansas City—try not to suck too much.”

When they say: “His bat keeps him in the lineup” what they mean is: “When a fly ball is hit to him with men on base, count how many times the pitcher uses the ‘F’ word.”

When they say: “He was scratched with flu-like symptoms” what they mean is: “He’s talking to Dr. Ralph after his three-pitchers of margaritas supper.”

When they say: “He’s going through his pre-batting ritual” what they mean is: “Is he doing the Macarena or is his hand possessed by a succubus?”

When they say: “You can tell he spent the offseason working his butt off in the weight room” what they mean is: “I’m guessing he can probably use a thimble in place of his cup.”

When they say: “He’s intense” what they mean is: “Even his mother thinks he’s a first class butthole.”

When they say: “He comes ready to play everyday” what they mean is: “He really digs that ‘players’ coffee’ doesn’t he?”

When they say: “We’re gonna manufacture runs” what they mean is: “We can’t hit and won’t walk so we’re praying for lots of passed balls, errors, hit batsmen and defensive indifference.”

When they say: “He’s colorful” what they mean is: “If he was dating your daughter you’d take out a restraining order.”

When they say: “He’s a scrappy ballplayer” what they mean is: “He’s a white kid that the fans like for some inexplicable reason.”

When they say: “He’s the second lefty in the ‘pen” what they mean is: “When the game’s out of reach he’s the sacrificial lamb offered to the god of the bloated ERA.”

When they say: “He’s effectively wild” what they mean is: “Is he high?”

When they say: “They’ve been high on this guy for a long time” what they mean is: “He’s talented—dumb as a bag of rocks—but talented.”

When they say: “He's been through a lot to get back to this point” what they mean is: “He beat his kids, cheated on his taxes, impregnated the west coast, ate three reporters and singlehandedly put no fewer than 22 BALCO employees' kids through college ,and you're supposed to be all perky that he's hitting .300 on May 15.”

When they say: “We have a veteran club this year.” what they mean is: “Tell the trainer to stock up on Polygrip, Depends, Geritol, and prune juice and make sure the guys on our Triple-A club keep their bags packed.”

When they say: “They’ve got a bullpen by committee” what they mean is: “They invited 30 relievers to camp and in complete defiance of mathematical probability, they all sucked.”

When they say: “He’s having a career year” what they mean is: “Contract drive or stanozolol—too close to call.”

When they say: “He refuses to give into the hitter” what they mean is: “He lacks the testicular fortitude to throw a strike.”

When they say: “He’s a speed merchant” what they mean is: “He’s a bona fide, certified out machine.”

When they say: “It’s his job to lose.” what they mean is: “We blew the budget in the off season after getting drunk with Scott Boras and we can’t afford to upgrade the position.”

When they say: “He's around the plate a lot” what they mean is: “They don’t call him the human launching pad for nothing.”

When they say: “This is not a save situation” what they mean is: “The game is on the line but they’re holding back their best reliever in case they’ve got a three-run lead in the ninth.”

When they say: “Remember the name—he’s gonna be the next Willie Mays” what they mean is: “Remember the name—in three years he’ll be left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft.”

When they say: “There’s nobody warming up in the bullpen” what they mean is: “That’s why you don’t diss your manager in the press, he’ll take revenge on your ERA.”

When they say: “Everybody has a shot, all jobs are open” what they mean is: “Not only will we suck, we might lose 120 games this year.”

When they say: “They don't appreciate me here” what they mean is: “They gave our new free agent acquisition a retarded contract and now I want one even more retarded.”

When they say: “He’s gone from thrower to pitcher” what they mean is: “Two years tops and he’s toast.”

When they say: “He has an intelligent guy and might have a future in broadcasting” what they mean is: “Stick a microphone in front of him and he simply won’t shut up.”

When they say: “He has great fundamentals” what they mean is: “He can't hit, he doesn't walk, he can't field, but he always throws to the cutoff man.”

When they say: “He’s underrated” what they mean is: “He doesn‘t play in New York.”

When they say: “He’s overrated” what they mean is: “He plays in New York.”

When they say: “It’s not a level playing field” what they mean is: “We traded our best young talent for over the hill veterans, our general manager gutted our minor leagues for a 38-year-old ‘proven closer’, our fans are smart enough to see we haven’t got a clue and stay away, and we’re blaming the Yankees so folks won’t realize we’re incompetent.”

When they say: “His teammates claim he's great in the clubhouse” what they mean is: “His teammates are petrified that he'll perform a prostate exam with a fungo bat on them if they diss him in the press.”

When they say: “They’re playing it one game a time” what they mean is: “In case you haven’t had enough clichés—here’s one more.”

When they say: “He's got great raw stuff” what they mean is: “He can't hit the ground if he dropped his cap, but boy those three digits on the speed gun are fun to look at.”

When they say: “Welcome to FOX’s coverage of the World Series” what they mean is: “Unless Tim McCarver gets laryngitis, your choices are the mute button or jamming an ice pick into your ear drum.”

When they say: “They’re in rebuilding mode” what they mean is: “Throwing money at the problem blew up in their faces last year so they’re going with Plan B.”

When they say: “David Samson reports that a number of cities are interested in hosting the Marlins” what they mean is: “Remember when Randy Newman sang about short people: ‘They got little hands and little eyes and they walk around tellin' great big lies’?”

When they say: “He offers protection to the middle of the lineup” what they mean is: “He might hit 25 home runs but his 175 whiffs will keep him from hitting into inning ending double plays.”

When they say: “Our relationship with the MLBPA has never been better” what they mean is: “We haven’t told them what we’re planning yet.”

When they say: “He’s a player who values his privacy” what they mean is: “A guy from ESPN showed up at his house uninvited for an interview and they still haven’t found the body.”

When they say: “The pitchers say he calls a great game” what they mean is: “He lets the pitchers throw whatever they want.”
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#35739 - 08 Nov 06 22:29 Re: R U a Cliche? [Re: riccardo]
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Here's some more I've come up with that we hear all the time, and mind you all of these can be used in the realm of sex too!

A tie is like kissing your sister.

You win as a team, you lose as a team.

It's been a tale of two halves.

Turnovers will be the key.

The intangibles will be the key.

Statistics can be misleading.

Statistics tell the whole story.

That's the key statistic.

That's the key to the game.

You take what the defense gives you.

This is always a tough place to play.

We don't play these games on paper.

Both teams are playing at a high level.

We've got an intriguing matchup. (Used most often to describe first-round games in the NCAA basketball tournament)

We've got the league's best offense against the league's best defense -- something's got to give.

These two teams don't like each other.

There's been a lot of trash talking.

There's no love lost between these two teams.

There's bad blood between these two teams.

When these two teams get together you can throw out their records.

It's gonna be a war out there.

It's going to be a battle of the titans.

It's going to be a battle of epic proportions.

This is a game for the ages.

This is a pivotal game for them.

This is their watershed game.

They're coming off a heartbreaking loss.

A win today snaps their four game losing streak.

This game is for the bragging rights.

They're the sentimental favorites.

They match up well.

He gets the most out of his players.

There are no easy games in this league.

The season is a marathon - not a sprint.

Bad calls even out over the course of a season.

On any given day any team is capable of beating another team.

Good teams get better down the stretch.

They really have to take it to them.

They have to play with their ears pinned back.

They need to turn up the intensity.

They have to step up and make plays.

They have to come out of the locker room fired up.

They're loaded for bear.

They have to go out and take care of business.

They can't let the crowd faze them.

They have to get after it.

They have to rise to the occasion.

They have to leave everything on the field.

They have to stay hungry.

They have to keep the continuity.

They can't look past these guys.

They can't take these guys lightly.

They have to avoid a big letdown.

They have to come together as a team.

They have to believe in themselves.

They have to play within themselves.

They have to play like they're capable of playing.

They have to step up their offensive production.

They have to get the big guy involved in the offense.

They'll have to find a way to contain him.

They can't expect to shut him down completely.

They can't be intimidated.

They must control the tempo of the game.

They have to dictate the tempo.

They have to stick to their bread-and-butter offense.

They should stick to the fundamentals.

They have to eliminate the mental mistakes.

They have to dig deep.

They have to suck it up.

They have to crank it up.

They have to turn it up a notch.

They need to step up to the next level.

They must capitalize on their opportunities.

They have to take advantage of their opportunities.

They have to bend but not break.

They have to stretch their defense.

They have to shore up their defense.

They have to pull out all the stops.

They have to be more aggressive.

They should just go out there and have fun.

They're playing for pride.

They're playing the role of spoilers.

The final score was not a true indication.

The game was a lot closer than the final score indicates.

It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.
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#35765 - 09 Nov 06 03:37 Re: R U a Cliche? [Re: riccardo]
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OK, here's some hockey cliches in addition:

Games on the road are always tough

They couldn't capitalize on the power play.

They have to go for the puck in the corner

They need a big guy in front of the net

Tonight it's experience vs. youth

We won this one for our fans (duh...)

There's more, but...
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#35766 - 09 Nov 06 03:39 Re: R U a Cliche? [Re: Orang Kanada]
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Note that I translate some of those expressions from french, so they can sound strange...
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#35769 - 09 Nov 06 03:44 Re: R U a Cliche? [Re: Orang Kanada]
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Quoting: Orang Kanada
Note that I translate some of those expressions from french, so they can sound strange...

they sound just like english-language cliches would sound! they did not lose much in translation!
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#35953 - 11 Nov 06 05:12 Re: R U a Cliche? [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Wait a minute.... I just realize this topic is in a nerd forum!!!! Shit, I became everything I hate!!!!!!!!!!
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