Currently searching for the following people for a large project in Malaysia.

Department: Tender & Contract

* Technical Engineer/Executive (Code: TEE)

* Senior QS (code: SQS)

* QS (code: QS)

* Asst. QS (code: ASQS)

* Proposal Assistant (code: PA)

* Clerk (code: CLK)

Department QA/QC

* QA/QC Engineer (code: QQE)

* QC Coordinator (code: QCQ)

* NDT coordinator (code: NDT)

* Blasting & Painting (code: BLP)

* Welding Engineer (code: WE)

* Dimensional surveyor (code: DS)

Department Engineering

* Structural Engineer (code: SE)

* structural Designer (code: SD)

* Structural Draughtsmen/BOCAD Operator (code:SD/BO)

* Piping Engineers (code: PE)

* Piping Designers (code: PD)

* PDMS Designers (code: PDMSD)

* PDMS Piping Engineer (code: PDMS PE)

* Piping Draughtsmen (code: PDR)

* Mechanical/Piping Engineers (code: MPE)

* Mechanical Designers (code: MD)

* Mechanical Draughtsmen (code: MDR)

* Electrical/Instrument engineer (code: EIE)

* Electrical/Instrument Designers (code: EID)

* Electrical/Instrument Draughtsmen (code: EIDR)

* Document Controller (code: DC)

Department Planning

* Planning Engineer (code: PLE)

* Planner (code: PLN)

* Planning Technician (code: PLT)

Department Testing & Commissioning

* Instrument Commission Engineer (code: ICE)

* Electrical Commission Engineer (code: ECE)

* Mechanical Commission Engineer (code: MCE)

* Electrical Commission Supervisor ( code: ECS)

* Rotating Comm Supervisor (code: RCS)

* Electrical Engineers (code: ELE)

* E&I Construction Support (code: EICS)

Department Procurement

* Senior Expeditor (code: SEXP)


* Commissioning Engineer (code: CE)

* Piping superintendent (code: PS)

Please send your CV to with subject: code: that you are applying for.