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#35426 - 03 Nov 06 09:12 MUNIR MISINFORMATION
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With the international spotlight currently shining directly on the Munir case, Indonesia's "leading English daily" newspaper chose to run this amazing story in its op/ed section a couple of days ago!!!

I've only put up the relevant parts regarding the utterly absurd misinformation about Arsenic poisoning.

This writer, Sunarto, is a board member of one of Indonesia's largest pharmaceuticals company, a former diplomat and university lecturer at Gadjah Mada Univ. (see his full bio here:

Munir murder remains mystery

Opinion and Editorial - October 30, 2006


"Strangely still, the arsenic residue was found by the Dutch Forensic Institute three hours after Munir's death. According to a forensic expert at the University of Indonesia, usually an hour after a victim's death no more arsenic can be found in their blood.

The Dutch authorities said that Munir died too fast because it happened within less than 10 hours. This is based on the assumption that the poisoning occurred during his Jakarta-Singapore flight, whereas textbooks put the average time at 24 hours."



WOW, WOW Wow! First of all, since the 1800s and the development of the "Marsh Test" Arsenic can be detected in human remains for decades after their death.

Second, Munir was given a massive dose -- 4 times the lethal level -- and actually "the textbooks" and literally thousands of online medical sites (see below) state quite clearly that the onset of symptoms can occur within 15 minutes of acute arsenic poisoning, with death following sometimes within 1 hour.

Here are a few of the websites:

NOW, the questions that must be posed are:

1. Why is this guy so interested in trying to misinform the public?

2. WHY did THE JAKARTA POST decide to publish pure lies?
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#35441 - 03 Nov 06 22:58 Re: MUNIR MISINFORMATION [Re: riccardo]
Gren Offline

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This letter is by no means the first published by the Post, in which Mr. Indonesian Concerned Citizen has tried so sow doubt and confusion about the Munir assassination.

The Post's apparent closeness to BIN is cause for concern.

#35687 - 08 Nov 06 03:05 Re: MUNIR MISINFORMATION [Re: Gren]
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Hey L. Riccardo, you been back to Reno recently?

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